Welcome to My Second Chance!

I've created this website to share some of the valuable information I've learned since I began my career as a psychologist 37 years ago. 
At least 1 in 5 people struggle with some form of mental health problem during their lifetime. Most will not search for let alone receive adequate treatment.  I hope to help address this problem in some modest fashion.

All of us encounter setbacks during our lifetimes; some of us recover, some don't. Those who recover have learned to limit the damage done to themselves and their lives. They revise their dreams, dust themselves off and move forward.

Those who don't recover have suffered damage to their perception of the world and are prone to self-defeating thoughts, feelings and actions. Though difficult, it's possible for them to regain their peace of mind by using proven psychological methods.

I believe everyone can benefit from the information presented here. If you are already successful you'll find ways to make your life even better and more likely preserve what you've got. If you are demoralized and suffering emotionally, I hope to provide you with the means to regain your psychological composure so that you might enjoy life to the fullest.

This page is designed to help you decide if this website is worth your time and energy.

*News Flash*

At the time of this website update the death cult ISIL is on the verge of collapse. This has precipitated weekly terrorist attacks in Europe and few potential victims are prepared to survive. In response, I created “Danger Drill” an iPhone app using the principles similar to fire drills. If I receive enough downloads I plan to fund the creation of an Android rendition that will be much more practical in Europe.If information contained within mysecondchance.ca improves your life in some fashion, perhaps you’ll consider downloading my app to help my dreams come true.

 My E-Book "Tune Up Your Mind and Your Life" is available from iTunes here.

Here are my latest YouTube Videos:

How to Survive a Terrorist or Other Form of Mass Casualty Attack

Practical Dreamweaving: Scientific Ways to Make Wishes Come True

Learning to Flourish and Endure in a Challenging World

What is the Meaning of Life 101? (Illustrated)

How to Stay Married for Good: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Bikinis and Burqas: Narrowing the Gap

Obamacare Scare: How Canadians feel about their Healthcare System

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